The primary purpose of the site is to inform the membership and the public about our aim to promote and preserve Classic Chevys, along with concurrent activities of the Chapter.  It will also serve as a link to other information.  As such, the site will be maintained as an informational medium, without editorial bias or personal interpretations.  Content of the site will be determined by consensus of the current San Jose Classic Chevy Club (SJCCC) Board, excepting normal management and modifications by the Webmaster.

All submissions, modifications or suggestions concerning the SJCCC website will be proposed to the SJCCC Board for consideration.  Please use the link below to submit your feedback and suggestions for the website.  Valid recommendations will be considered and forwarded to the Webmaster for implementation.  Exceptions to this procedure will be submissions by Board members for the general information and benefit of the chapter.

This website will be tested against the three most commonly used browsers as determined by the Website statistics gathered by the webserver.  Currently and historically those have been Microsoft's Internet Explorer®, Apple's Safari®, and Mozilla's Firefox®.  Since the webmaster uses Frontpage to develop the site, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser.  The webmaster shall test all website functionality with these three browsers.  With the exception of minor formatting differences, the website should function in these three browsers.  Other browsers may work as well, but the only browsers we will test against are the three mentioned above.

All pictures submitted for publication may be edited for content and size to fit the site's look and feel.  Pictures submitted to the webmaster can and may be used on the website for the purposes of the betterment and enjoyment of the club.  The submitter of the picture grants to the San Jose Classic Chevy Club all the rights and permissions to use the pictures on the website, without restriction or reference to origin.  

The SAN JOSE CLASSIC CHEVY CLUB makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied as to the operation of the website or the information, content, materials or products appearing on this site.  To the fullest extent of the law, SJCCC disclaims all warranties, express or implied in connection with the information concerning technical advice or services appearing on the site, nor should it be substituted for the advice or services of a qualified mechanic.

The Webmaster’s performance will be reviewed annually, and the position may be revoked at any time if the Webmaster’s responsibilities or mission goals appear deficient by a majority of the Board.

Access to publish on the page is exclusively limited to the Webmaster.


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