Decoding The Chevrolet Passenger Car VIN
                     **Model years- 1965-1971**

          Digit Position                               Represents
           -----------------                              ---------------

              #1 - #5----------------5 digit Model Number

              #1----------------------Manufacturer- 1=Chevrolet

              #2----------------------Series- 0=Corvair  1=Nova  2=Camaro  3=Chevelle/MonteCarlo  
                                              4=Vega 5=Biscayne  6=Caprice/Impala   9=Corvette

             #3-----------------------Engine- Odd number  = 4 or 6 and even numbers = 8 cylinders
                                                           1=4 or 6 cylinder
                                                           3=6 cylinder
                                                           5=6 cylinder
                                                           7=6 cylinder

                 #1 - #3----------------Series-  Because of the number of years there are some duplicate numbers.
                                             101=500 105=Monza 107=Corsa
                                             111=Chevy II-4cyl/6cyl     113=Chevy II-6cyl/8cyl
                                             114,117=ChevyII Nova Super Sport  115=Chevy II Nova
                                             124 Camaro
                                             131=Nomad s/w (6cyl)  132=Nomad s/w(8cyl)
                                             133=Chevelle 300 Deluxe  134=Chevelle 300 Deluxe(8cyl)
                                             131=Chevelle 300(6Cyl)  132=Chevelle 300(8cyl) 
                                             133=ElCamino(6Cyl)  134=ElCamino(8cyl)
                                             135=Malibu(6cyl)  136=Malibu (V8)  137= Chevelle Malibu Sport(6Cyl)
                                             138=Estate Wagon    138=Chevelle Malibu Super Sport (V8)
                                             138=Monte carlo  141=Vega
                                             153=Biscayne(6cyl)   154=Biscayne(V8)   166=Caprice
                                             163=Impala(6cyl)    164=Impala(V8)
                                             165, 167=Impala Super Sport (6cyl)
                                                     166, 168=Impala Super Sport (V8)  194=Corvette

                #4 & #5--------Body style- 11=Vega(2dr) 15=Vega(2drwgn) 77=Vega Coupe
                                              69=Nova(4dr)  27=Nova(2dr) 57=Monte Carlo
                                              35,36=stationwagon(6pass)  45,46=stationwagon(9pass)
                                              47=CustomCoupe   67=Convertible 39=4dr hdtp
                                              57= 2dr,hdtp    69=4dr,sedan  37=2dr Coupe 69=4dr sedan
                                              87= Sport Coupe
                 #6---------------Year-  5=1965    6=1966     7=1967     8=1968    9=1969
                                                                                   0=1970    1=1971

                 #7---------------Assembly Plant-A=Atlanta     B=Baltimore    C=Southgate
                                       F=Flint     G=Farmingham     J=Janesville     K=Kansas City
                                       P=Pontiac N=Norwood         Z=Fremont    L=Los Angeles
                                       R=Arlington  S=St. Louis       T=Tarrytown    U=Lordstown
                                       Y=Wilmington                      W=Willow Run
                                       1=Oshawa, Ontario                2=St Therese, Quebec

                 #8-#13------- Sequential Production Number (starting 100001)


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